This is the home page of the Computer User Health Solutions Center. Please scroll down for some life saving information.

Since the advent of technology and the resultant toxification of our environment, we now all develop myriads of previously unknown medical issues many of which worsen with the application of conventional medicine.

 Many of us have sought alternatives on a hit or miss basis not sure where to turn to.

 My name is Adetutu Ijose and on this website I have provided invaluable information and resources to help us all.

Every page of this website has invaluable information for the computer user who wants to be a long term computer user without damaging their health.

Take your time and go through all the pages and pay close attention to all the information. You are going to need all the information you get from this website to remain healthy in the technology age which is fast devouring may people’c careers and even their lives.

The books you see below are all available through the book gallery as well as from amazon.com. They are also al available in e book format for most ebook readers such as kindle, ipad, nook and so on.

Feel free to bookmark this website and return often. Also spread the word about this website via social media an any other form available to you. Let us save as many lives as we can. Together we can get others to listen and save their own lives too.

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