Mental Health

An aspect of human health heavily affected by computer use is mental/behavioral health. Biochemical light fields in the human system control the human machine. There is a delicate balance between those that make us move around and carry out physical actions and those that calm us down and that in fact control the production of the ones that make us move to ensure we are not continually in motion leading to burnout and breakdown.

I have written 5 books to date on various aspects of this issue and I am in the process of writing a comprehensive new book on the subject  titled:

The Effect of Computer Use on Mental Health: Learn How to Protect Yourself

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The 5 books already published are presented below. Visit our Book Gallery or click any of the book cover images below to find out how you can get a copy of these resources to enable you understand how your computer use may be affecting your mental health  and what you need to do to help reduce the mental health risk.

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The following is the list of all the resources available in our book gallery. These books are all also available at in print and in most ebook reader stores in ebook format

1)      Lessons I Learned the Hard Way: How to Identify, Minimize, Treat and Manage Computer Related Health Condition

 2)      Computer Related Health Condition: Understanding the Human Computer

 3)      Healing Juicing Smoothie and Milk Shake Recipes: Juices, Smoothies and Milk Shakes that Help the Body Achieve its Self Healing Process

 4)      Healing Meals Recipe: Meals that Help the Body Achieve its Self Healing Process

 5)      Cyber Bullying: How and Why Bullies operate

 6)      Global Epidemic: The Human Abuse of the Computer

 7)      Computer Use Addiction and Withdrawal Syndromes: What You Need to Know

 8)      Teenage and Adult Texting Addictions: What You Need to Know

 9)      Allergies, Asthma and Computer Use: The Contributory Effects of Computer Use to Allergies and Asthma Trends

 10)  Computer Use Induced Stress: What You Need to Know

 11)  The Health effect of Video Games: What You Need to Know

 12)  Eyes, Vision and Computer Use: How You can Protect Yourself From Technology Use Induced Harm

 13)  Obesity and Computer Use: What You Need to Know

 14)  Water, Dehydration and Computer Use: Learn How to Protect Yourself

 15)The Health Effect of Computer Use on Women: What Every Woman Needs to Know

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