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What is the Healthy Diet for the Computer User

Computer Use Makes Our Bodies Demand Certain Nutrients More Than Others Healthy eating or attempting to eat healthily is in fashion again. Everyone talks about organic food and fruits and vegetables. This is a good thing especially if we expect to have healthy younger generations to take care of us when we all grow old. If the coming generation is all sick there will be no one to take care of mum, dad and grandparents. This issue is especially pressing in today’s world of overexposure Read More +

8 Benefits of Taking a Computer Free Vacation

8 Reasons Not to Feel Guilty About Not Checking Your Email While on Vacation 1) You detoxify your system from all the anxiety of the daily grind. A vacation from work we are told is necessary to help us maintain a high productivity level. Many of us sometimes carry our work with us on our vacations. We check the email everyday. In addition many of us spend the time on social websites and so instead of feeling relaxed when we get back we immediately loose Read More +

Living the Wired Life could Hurt You

Living the wired life can hurt you. Your health could really take a nosedive due to ignorance about this issue. In fact everyone is hurting today though many are unaware their feeling of ill health and other symptoms including recurring dental respiratory, heart, pancreatic and other problems are the result of the fact that the stress to the nerve network inherent in computer use is not one the body is naturally coded to handle. The body being a self repair system automatically seeks to draw attention Read More +