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Computer Use and the Growing Phenomenon of Teenage Depression and Other Mental Issues – Part II of a Two Part Article

Part II ….. Continued from Part I Teenage depression. How did we get here from the age of the teenage years being the no worries age to that where kids have to worry about anti depressants like adults with lifetime consequences for their growing brains. The technology age is a difficult one for parents. Computers, the Internet, video games, cell phones and so one are all double edged tools. They are useful for quick communication and carrying our some certain tasks as well as for Read More +

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have an Annual Eye Exam

We all Need to Take the Issue of Annual Eye Exams More Seriously Most computer users over time begin to feel the effect of the fact that pixels the way words are presented on the computer screen are not the same as printed text. Many however force themselves to go on without an eye exam not fully understanding that they should really have their eyes checked. Here are four reasons why having an annual eye exam should be something every computer user does. 1) Computer Read More +